Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


Artist: Kanye West

Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Year: 2010

Check Out: “Devil in a New Dress”

Why: It is amazing.

This is Kanye’s masterpiece.

Kanye was public enemy number one after the Taylor Swift MTV incident.

It seemed liked a majority of celebrities turned their back and started attacking. Kanye stayed away from the limelight and headed to Hawaii where he gathered an arsenal of rappers and producers to help him craft Dark Fantasy. All these incredible minds in one place with Kanye at the helm, helped delivered a dope, universally praised album.

First off, “Devil in a New Dress” is magical. It arguably has Rick Ross’ best verse. Plus, that guitar solo from Mike Dean is incredible.

The rally cry that is “Power” is dope. In the song, Kanye proclaims every superhero—aka him—needs a theme song. And “Power” is his. It gets me hyped. I know it gets Kanye hyped. It’s revolutionary-like. That beat does its job of causing you to go into an uproar.

It seems that the contributors brought their best.

Nicki Minaj delivered a stellar performance on “Monster.” Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon was incredible throughout the album. Chris Rock’s rant on “Blame Game” was hilarious and dope. Pusha T gave two dope verses – to no one’s surprise.

Kanye was able to win over some of the critics that turned on him by making this incredible album that was unavoidable. You can’t deny amazing art, and that’s what this album is.


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