Step Brothers (Evidence and The Alchemist) – Lord Steppington


Artist: Step Brothers (Evidence and The Alchemist)

Album: Lord Steppington

Year: 2014

Check Out: “More Wins”

Why: Two of my favorite people in the world in and out of music, enough said.

Two of my favorites artists—and real life best friends—finally teamed up and delivered a collaborative effort that fans and I have been anticipating.

Evidence has been one of my favorites rappers since 2007 when I first heard The Weatherman LP. Since then, I’ve been a fan Stan.

I’ll admit it.

Alchemist has been my favorite producer for quite a while. I’m not sure when I became this huge Alchemist fan but as you can tell by this blog, I think highly of him.

I loved the songs these two had done together in the past, so you can only imagine how excited I was when they announced a full joint record.

“More Wins” opens up the album. It blew my mind. The beat is amazing. The verses are cool, very Evidence and Alchemist like. My mood can do a 180, and turn cheerful as I listen to this beat. The verses are easy to follow and their flows are almost conversational. I happily can recite the majority of their bars.

The fact that Scott Caan is on the album rapping makes “Byron G” a classic. Caan was in a group called The Whooliganz with Alchemist in the early ‘90s. Caan, along with Domo Genesis killed it. I had no idea Caan could rap somewhat decently. I thought he would be the dark spot on the record but he wasn’t. Domo’s verse was great. It solidified him as a nice rapper to me and I became a fan.


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