An Ode To Alchemist: Chemistry 118


Back at it saluting the chemist.

The Alchemist – Strength of Pain feat. Chinky (2004)

Beat: The beat is dope. It’s funky and smooth. Its funkiness and smoothness should be credited to the sample. The beat samples B.B. & Q. Band’s “Lovin’ What We Should.” The sample contains that amazing piano that Alchemist included, which I absolutely love.

Song: I had no idea back then nor do I currently know, who Chinky is but she was perfect for this beat. Her voice is beautiful. You could feel the pain and struggle in her lyrics.

Slaughterhouse – All On Me (2012)

Beat: The beat is hard. Those wind chimes and flutes are a great addition to the hard-hitting drums. I can’t help but bob my head to the beat.

Song: The members of Slaughterhouse, sans Royce, absolutely obliterate this Alchemist record. We’ve seen that before.

Evidence – Letyourselfgo feat. The Alchemist & Phonte (2007)

Beat: The beat is hard. I can picture Alchemist just hitting the MPC pads like so. When Evidence says, “you have to let [the beat] breath,” in the beginning of the song, I imagine smoke appearing as Alchemist was working the drum pads.

Song: This song is too dope. I’m not afraid to say that Alchemist and Evidence killed it with their verses.

Terror Squad – ’99 Live (1999)

Beat: This beat is frightening. It sounds something straight out of a horror film, like something out of a Wes Craven film. Scream immediately came to mind. Well that feeling is somewhat correct. That eerie sound comes from the piano found on Geoff Love’s “Tubular Bells” also known as the song from The Exorcist.

Song: Prospect was okay. The hook was cool. The beat is what matters most.

Dilated Peoples – L.A. River Drive feat. Sick Jacken (2014)

Beat: Woooooo! This shit is fire! It’s soulful, funky, hard, smooth, all bundled up. I can’t help but bob my head to it. The scratches from DJ Babu are a nice bonus!

Song: This is a great song. It’s so L.A. During each one’s verse, I can picture different parts of L.A. In Sick Jacken’s verse, I picture the sixth street bridge.


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