Traveling The Stars: A Breakdown of Alchemist’s Best Quotes


Alchemist has been venturing outside the music world.

Since he’s befriended Action Bronson, their friendship has blossomed into something special. They’ve become close the past few years.

Alchemist became Action’s tour DJ. As Action’s popularity grew, he started receiving interesting offers that have allowed him to travel the world. The biggest offer was from Vice, who signed him in to a joint-venture record label with Atlantic Records, who offered him a television show Fuck That’s Delicious. The web series was a success, that they turned it into a TV show once Viceland emerged. That TV show created a spin-off, Traveling The Stars: Action Bronson and Friends Watch Ancient Aliens.

Both shows feature Alchemist. The latter shows off Alchemist and his personality. It also features Alchemist stoned. In fairness, the majority of the guests on that show are stoned.

A bunch of interesting topics have come up for conversation, which results in interesting comments and thoughts from the guests. Alchemist’s is no exception. He’s said some funny and strange things.

The show is hilarious, point blank.

Here’s a brief summary of some of Alchemist’s comments from the last half of season one:

Episode 6:

  • In awe of a tiki man pipe, he says, “That’s craftsmanship there.”
  • Alchemist looks in Action’s direction and asks, “Remember when we saw Santana? How much leather did he have on?”
  • Action calls the information mind blowing, and asks Alchemist if he agrees. He responds, “Nah, it’s interesting. It’s definitely interesting. I’m not getting anything profound from it. Like its not changing my life.”

Episode 7:

  • “Maybe its just an area of bad weather,” referring to the Bermuda Triangle’s reputation
  • “I can’t believe they’re paying us to do this bullshit,” referring to getting high and watching a TV show
  • Action and Peter Dante talk about Action potential being a male lead actor. Alchemist asks Peter, “How much movie money could [Action] have got if he didn’t get get tatted up?”

Episode 8:

  • Alchemist walks up to a man dressed in an all green suit, and starts motivating him. “I need you to go get crazy. I need you to turn it up. You got the green suit on. I need you to turn it up. I need you. This is important. Geraldo listen to me. Get in there kid. Knock them dead.”

Episode 9:

  • Alchemist questions the advancement of technology, “Where did we get fiber optics? Where did we get all this technology?”
  • “That’s the life, sleeping in one of those semis,” in reference to the semi-truck lifestyle.
  • After watching a segment on UFOs, he shares the following hip-hop car story. “I remember Benzino had one of those at the Funk Flex car show. A UFO. It’s parked outside. He said they wouldn’t let him in.” He continued, “A UFO in the parking lot. He had a spaceship.”

Episode 10:

  • The episode’s premise was about hidden messages. Alchemist responds to a hidden message, “That’s mad symbolism. Symbolic.” Later, he adds, “I feel like this shit makes me kind of dumber” after watching a segment on hidden societies.

As you can see Alchemist has said some interesting things. Some are hilarious and some are head scratching/mind blowing. Specifically, that Benzino car story. Benzino must have had a crazy looking/futuristic car for that comment. I can’t tell if some of these were meant to be jokes or if he was serious. Maybe that’s the genius of it. We will never truly know.


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