Currensy & The Alchemist “The Carrollton Heist” First Listen


When I found out Alchemist and Currensy where about to drop the follow up the classic Covert Coup project, I got really excited.

It was going to be difficult for The Carrollton Heist to live up to the greatness Covert Coup was, but I wanted to see what new music Alchemist and Currensy cooked up.

Let’s be honest, there was no way The Carrollton Heist was going to be better than Covert Coup, at least to me.

They dropped it on Valentines Day, a few days after The Life of Pablo dropped, so it was difficult to find some time to focus on Carrollton.

Eventually, I made some time. I ended up documenting my reactions on Twitter. I kept it simple on there.

Here are the rest of my early thoughts and comments on The Carrolton Heist.



First of all, this song is smooth as fuck. On Covert Coup, he kept remind us to get our lighters. On Carrolton, he hopes you already have it at an arm’s distance. Currensy hits us with some brags raps as he claims his weed is some of the strongest shit out. He brags that that, “one sniff a make that a German Shepard backflip.” Damn, I can’t even imagine that.

“Black Rally Stripes”

Currensy continues that la-da-da-da-da-da-da from the previous song. This beat is smooth too.


The saxophone and bass guitars are dope and are the basis of this funky beat. The repetitive “you understand?” from Currensy makes it feel like he’s providing some knowledge/dropping some game to the listeners. When he drops the line, “to make nothing out of something, you handle your business, you don’t be crying or suffering” it sounds like Spitta is dropping knowledge. To become successful you have to work hard and not expect an overnight success. You have to remain discipline and work towards your ultimate goal, even if you don’t see progress right away.

“Disappearing Ink” feat Styles P

I wasn’t feeling this song. I felt like Styles was offbeat.

“Inspiration” feat Action Bronson

The beat was strange at first but it could possibly be the best beat on this project. Up until now, it is. That synthesizer is dope. Action came in and slaughtered the track. Everything he said was dope, quotables everywhere.

“500 Pounds of Gas”

The beat is different. I’d never expect Currensy to rap over this type of beat. He doesn’t seem comfortable over it. With that said, I still bobbed my head to it.

“The Mack Book”

The song has a smooth, ill beat but other than that, nothing really for me.

“93 AMG”

This was okay.

“Fat Albert”

The beat is dope. It has an eerie sound to it. Its like a villain-like type beat. That snare is loud. Lil’ Wayne killed it. He sounds good and comfortable over some Alchemist production. Wayne’s verse touches on numerous of topics including a shout out to the woman who took his virginity.

“Smoking in The Rain”

This is a perfect way to end the project. The beat is smooth thanks to the trumpet. It’s a good way for the listener to descend from their high.


As you can see, the project wasn’t as amazing as Covert Coup was. It had some nice parts (“Fat Albert” and “The Inspiration”) but it also had some “bleh” moments (“Disappearing Ink”).

Maybe the project will grow on me as the months go on but for now it’s an okay project.

I am still grateful that Currensy and Alchemist dropped this. I’m all for more future collaborations between the two.


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