The Alchemist Presents Yacht Rock


First of all, these records are awesome.

And they were a nice surprise.

Alchemist was able to bottle the genre of soft rock and add his touch to this legendary ‘70s and ‘80s genre. He emulated the sounds of paradise, sunny weather and beaches, and anything else that you would associate with relaxation and vacationing. Shit, you could even say he created the music you’d hear in a t‘90s adult film.

Alchemist went all out.

He included vocals from samples that fit the soft, yacht rock feel.

He grabbed sounds that made you feel like you were at the beach. He sampled seagulls (I hate them). Is there anything else more beach-y than that bird?

He complemented that by including other samples that pertained to the beach. You hear a dude say it’s “a perfect day for sailing” on one record and a woman saying she “got to spend [her] first night on a yacht” on the other. Plus, you hear random vocals that depict wealth such as the red Bugatti sample that I instantly thought went with the overall feel of this song. It coincided with the wealthy and flashy vibe the beat gave.

Alchemist is a clever producer.

Both Action Bronson and Blu killed this record.

Action sounded so heavenly over the production. He was made for this type of record. In fact, Action is someone I’d think is inspired by that time period and that genre of music. His raps always have references to the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Action can rock over any beat and he’ll find a way to make it his own. He’ll use a different flow and absolutely rock it.

Blu’s slow flow sound well over that beautiful, sexy saxophone. The saxophone is almost too sexy. His verse is so dope, that I created a version of “Yacht Rock” with just his verse. Additionally, I recite his verse whenever it comes on. His rhyming was on another level. He rhymed words in the middle and with those at the end.

The rest of the cast was good, except one.

Big Twin and Oh No were great complements to the smooth production. Twin and Oh are both rugged but they are a welcome addition to the record. Chuck Inglish provides a cool verse.

Roc Marciano’s voice is so smooth that it got lost in the production. It blended in. I cannot remember one line of his.

Overall, I call “Yacht Rock” a masterpiece.

The way he incorporated several beats into each record was amazing. He created this dope yacht rock sound that perfectly emulated that wealth and paradise lifestyle. This was made for sunny days where you can just sit back and enjoy life. Or any day in California.


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