An Ode To Alchemist: Chemistry 119: Mobb Deep Edition

Here’s another entry into the Chemistry series. This time I decided to dive into the large catalog of Mobb Deep and Alchemist collaborations.

Havoc – The Illest (2003)

Beat: The sample comes from a strange source, Rocio Jurado’s “No Te Enfades Conmigo,” actually nothing should seem strange with Alchemist, as he’s sampled many different genres. That kick is so fucking ill, pun intended!

Song: Havoc comes out and says he has to be the illest because he beat the odds. He made it out the hood and poverty to having a life filled with the better things in life. He credits his hard work and determination rather than luck. He watched others success stories and try to emulate it, which he successfully did. Once he became successful he didn’t let it get to him and stuck to what got him there.


Prodigy – Bang on ‘em (2007)

Beat: The song samples The Montclairs’ “Do I Stand A Chance,” this is the second time I’ve heard this sample. The first was on Fat Joe’s “Valley of Death.” The beat is funky, like its hard not to bob your head to this. The vocals he sampled create chatter in the background giving it a New York City vibe to it.

Song: Prodigy flows well over this beat. His street rhymes are the perfect counterpart to the Alchemist production.


Mobb Deep – Waterboarding (2011)

Beat: Alchemist sampled Marc Moulin’s “Tohubohu Part I,” which provides that eerie, frightening, slow build up the beat has. Alchemist has an ear for finding strange yet incredible records. That opening organ sound is like a screeching halt. That water sound was perfectly placed and probably inspired this song, brilliance from all parties.

Song: Prodigy killed it, shit he “stings like a bullet,” as he calls it. The Mobb declares that they are lyrical better than everyone else, hence how they waterboard the rap world, their rhymes torture other rappers because they are so good. That hook is dope too.


Prodigy – My Priorities (2003)

Beat: The beat is hot. Alchemist sped up The Persuaders “Love Gonna Pack Up (And Walk Out)” sample. An already funky song, increasing the tempo gave it this NY grimy, mafioso feel to it. That xylophone(?) and guitar are tremendous.

Song: The song is dope. Prodigy over Alchemist is a golden partnership. P’s raps embody that New York feeling. You can hear it.


Mobb Deep – Get At Me (2001)

Beat: The beat is cinematic. Credit for that should be given to the Nick Ingman “Project Titan 2” sample. The horns and the whistle create that vibe. Moreover, both of those sounds are amazing. I imagine an intense chase occurring whenever I hear this. Additionally, the end reminds me of the opening in movies where the distributor’s and production company’s logo shows up. I wonder if that was Alchemist’s intention, to provide a sound that resembles a score.

Song: The song is dope. Both Havoc and Prodigy do their thing on the record.


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