Why The Alchemist & Freddie Gibbs Project Needs To Happen


This mixtape needs to happen.

A few years ago, when Gibbs announced in code that he was working on the phenomenal collaborative project with Madlib, Piñata, he mentioned of a project with Alchemist called The Devil’s Palace.

I’m not sure if the project was in its early stages or if it was just wishful thinking on Gibbs’ behalf but nothing ever came in fruition. Which sucks because this project would’ve been a dope experience.

Gibbs is a great rapper with a lot of talent. He can match his flow to the beat. He so versatile he can go off on all types of beats, whether that’s a slow tempo beat like on Piñata or something else, he can make the adjustment.

Gibbs and Alchemist doesn’t sound far fetched at all. Alchemist has provided some of the grittiest beats to New York’s finest rappers foe the last fifteen years. He’s been able to capture the true essence of New York in his beats. From Mobb Deep to Fat Joe to Kool G Rap to Nas, they’ve all been on the receiving end of some of the hardest Alchemist-produced beats.

Alchemist’s beats would fit Gibbs gangsta raps with ease. Anything Alchemist throws at him, whether fast tempo or slowed down, Gibbs has an opportunity to show off. If you don’t believe me, see below.

Exhibit A – “Till The Angels Come”

This shit is hard. Gibbs’ flow is insane. He murders it. His verse is the definition of gangsta: “I know they gonna get me one day in the morning, so when I wake up, I praise the Lord, roll up a blunt and fuck my bitch.” That shit is hard! His gangsta raps sound dope over the guitar plucked production.

Exhibit B – “Scottie Pippen”

Gibbs absolutely murdered it. He rides that beat to oblivion using a rapid-fire flow. He was too dope, we I forget Currensy is even on it. You could even say this is now Gibbs’ song, not Currensy’s.

Exhibit C – “Fetti”

Gibbs once again matches his flow with the beat’s tempo. His gangsta raps continue, he even namedrops a couple fictitious gangsters. He has an arsenal of flows and each one kills whatever beat Alchemist throws at him. This song is no exception.

I could’ve included “Tesla” as Exhibit D but I think I made my point.

Gibbs over Alchemist production is some of the rawest dope in the world. It’s always a good end result.

So please, please, let that project happen. Alchemist. Freddie. Make it happen. The hip-hop world will love it. I certainly will.

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