DOPE. – A Look Back at An Old Mix CD


I was cleaning my desk area and found a bunch of old mix CDs. Remember those? You would buy blank CDs and put your favorite songs of the moment or nostalgic songs on a CD so you can bump in the car? Shit, I do. This was just before the aux cord was the way of the land. This was less than ten years ago!

The car I was driving had an aux connection but nobody sounded like the quality that came from a CD—static would come out the aux connection at times.

Curiosity got the best of me, and I popped one of the CDs in my Macbook.

Once the music started playing, I could tell what year the CD was from. This mix CD, properly titled DOPE. was from 2010. I could tell it was from that year because of the music selection.

I started bobbing my head and reminiscing about 2010. This was made the summer before I transferred to college.

Below is the tracklist on the CD.

  1. Rick Ross – MC Hammer
  2. Rick Ross – Blowin’ Money Fast feat Styles P
  3. Rick Ross – Fire Hazard
  4. Rick Ross – Knife Fight feat Kool G Rap
  5. Rick Ross – 300 Soldiers
  6. Slaughterhouse – Nobody Fuckin’ With Us feat Bun B
  7. Kanye West – Power
  8. Wiz Khalifa – Mesmerized
  9. Wiz Khalifa – Visionz
  10. Wiz Khalifa – Still Blazin’
  11. Game – It Must Be Me feat Pharrell
  12. Rick Ross – Veterans Day feat Birdman and Lil’ Wayne
  13. Jeezy – All White Everything
  14. J Cole – Lights Please
  15. J Cole – We On
  16. J Cole – Higher
  17. Jeezy – Play Ball feat Lil’ Wayne, Birdman and Drake
  18. J Cole – Who Dat
  19. Joe Budden – Something 2 Ride To

As you can see, there are multiple songs from a few artists. Four artists have fifteen songs of the nineteen. Ross, Wiz, Jeezy and Cole are all over, with Ross, Wiz and Cole with three or more songs.

Let’s talk about them for a second.

First, let’s talk about Rozay.

This was just before Ross took over the rap world and became the hottest thing. I like to think The Albert Anastasia EP, which five of the six songs appear on, was the predecessor to Ross becoming the best rapper out. He followed the EP with Teflon Don, arguably his best album, an album full of hits and bangers.

Each one of the records on here is a banger! The hardest song out of all them might be “Veterans Day.” Ross, Birdman and Lil Wayne show up, stunt and kill their verse.

Wiz had just delivered his legendary Kush and Orange Juice mixtape. This got me on the Wiz bandwagon for a bit. It was the perfect stoner mixtape. I must have played “Still Blazin’” a thousand times within the first two weeks. To this day, this remains the only Wiz project that I’ve fucked with, or heard.

Cole was blowing up. He was already pegged as the next big thing. Everyone, and I mean everyone was anticipating his debut album—me included. Every song up that lead to his single “Who Dat” was great. I was fucking with all of them. Both “Higher” and “We On” were part of that batch. I was hyped for the album. A year later, he would drop his debut, which I’ve yet to listen to completely.

The song that still gets the most play now from this playlist is “Veterans Day.” That song is just so hard. I cranked the volume to the tee whenever I decided to play it I play it loud (I have a poor quality version) in order to fully experience it as I recite the verse.

As you can see from this small sample, my taste in hip-hop varies. I like both mainstream and underground. I was into some that were on the cusp of breakthrough. And I was also part of the general consensus that felt a certain way about a rapper: Cole.

In all, its fun to go back and see what you like during a period of your life. It brings back memories and thoughts. Reminiscing about the past is always a good time.


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