Hello: Travis Scott and Young Thug = Brilliance!!


This combination made me scratch my head. Actually it didn’t, why lie. I had yet to develop an opinion on each one.

I never heard a record from Young Thug until “Maria I’m Drunk.” As for Travis Scott, I might or might not have heard a record before “Maria.”

Regardless, “Maria” blew my fucking mind.

The weird—well, weird to my ignorant self—combination of rappers on “Maria” worked. Thug’s verse was hard to understand but it sounded so dope! His mumbling added to the song especially since it dealt with drinking.

First off, the beat is dope. Vinylz, Frank Dukes, Allen Ritter and Mike Dean killed the production. It sounds tropical. Also, I feel like it is inspired by Latin music culture. I feel like you could salsa to this. Shit, I want to do that Drake dance.

So, you can imagine what my thoughts were when I stumbled onto this track. I was late to the record, but once I heard it, I was blown away again. I had the song on repeat from the majority of that day.

Travis raps a short verse but I can forgive him because he provides a great hook and better adlibs, “it’s lit!” Although it’s minimal, Travis makes an impact on the song.

Thugger provides the better verse of the two. 

It’s longer for one. The words we can understand are dope. The other incomprehensible raps are cool to rap along and pretend you know the lyrics, making up words and lines along the way. From this verse we learned several things from Thug: he’s a great sibling as he paid his sister’s tuition, something that is presently not cheap, and that police officers are people too. With all the social commentary about the police, it’s a rare occurrence to hear the perspective Thug mentions in the song.
Overall, this combination is becoming lethal. The last two recent songs I mentioned are dope! I know they’ve worked on two songs found on Days Before Rodeo, but I haven’t heard those two records fully and enough times to provide a full opinion. They have great chemistry, and I hope that continues in future records.

P.S. Quavo fucking kills this song.

(Photo Credit: Young Thug’s Instagram)


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