On It: The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102’s 10-Year Anniversary


Young Jeezy delivered an amazingly dope debut album. Not only was Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 banging, it was inspirational. Jeezy was a motivational speaker that provided hope to all.

As a true dopeboy, Jeezy shared the life of the streets, shining light on his former life. The streets could relate to his music. Unintentionally, Jeezy’s music was relatable to those not in the streets: like myself.

Jeezy ended up becoming one of my favorite artists.

Thug Motivation 101 provided motivation, pun intended. He shared the hustle and the hard work, which many can relate albeit differently. It took a bit of time, but I figured out the genius of Thug Motivation 101. And I started seeking Jeezy’s music—constantly.

I was rewarding with numerous mixtapes, Jeezy music output was one of the best. To prep for the release of his second album, The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102, he released the mixtapes Can’t Ban The Snowman and I Am The Street Dream.

When I first heard the single for TM102, I didn’t know what to think. “I Luv It” didn’t do anything for me. I felt the same way about “And Then What” off his debut. Neither one impressed me. At most, they were okay, at least in my opinion.

“Go Getta” was the follow up single. That one was better than the single. “Go Getta” had a banging beat and the catchy hook from R. Kelly. Plus, Jeezy had quotables in the song.

I was a little skeptic about the album. The single didn’t do anything to anticipate the album, at least in my case. However, once I heard the album, I realized the album was dope.

After hearing Don Cannon’s “Go Crazy” on the first album, I quickly went to his production on this album, “Mr 17.5.” The beat was insane. Don Cannon did it again, and laced Jeezy with another great banger.

The rest of the tracks were fucking dope too. “Hypnotize,” “Streets On Lock,” U Know What It Is,” “I Got Money,” “Bury Me A G,” “Keep It Gangsta,” “J.E.E.Z.Y.,” “What You Talkin’ Bout” and “I’m The Realest.” Shit, even “Dreamin’” was dope. Keyshia Cole singing her heart out and you could feel it.

All those songs were hard as fuck. You can listen to this album straightforward.

Timbaland even gave Jeezy a fucking monster of a beat on “3 A.M.” That beat alone would terrorize your speakers.

Jeezy was proving inspiration, pun intended, with the songs on this album.

With all those bangers, something had to get overlooked.

Enter “Still On It.”

It wasn’t until recently—I want to say within the past year—that I realized how hard and dope this song actually is. One day it just clicked, and I could not stop listening to it. In a short time, the song grew on me.

First, let’s talk about the beat.

Midnight Black provided Jeezy with something magical. The beat was laid back and smooth like the production he did on TM101. Jeezy’s slow almost-conversational flow soothingly floats over the beat. It’s dope!

There’s just something about it. It motivates me, which is what Jeezy does. He’s a thug motivator.

I feel like I can do anything once I hear this song. I feel like I can take on that day’s tasks without a problem, even if its just wishful thinking for those brief minutes.

I recite the verses—well, the bars I know—every time. I know the hook word-by-word. Whenever I recite the lyrics, I get in the mind of a dope boy. I feel like I’m that dude doing those things the hook describes.

Also, this is my “car karaoke” song. I’ll act like I’m in a music video. I’ll pretend a camera is in front of me and I’ll do gestures, I’ll hold imaginary guns, point etc. People driving next to me might think I’m crazy but I don’t care.

“Still On It” is amazing. I don’t care what you think. It inspires me, not to necessarily start doing illegal shit, but to conquer that day’s tasks.

Mostly important, the album does what Jeezy wants his music to do: motivate. It provides inspiration—hence the album title. Jeezy’s music is fuel for those who are hustling, whether legal or illegally. His music is for the person flipping burgers, for those in the office world working on a presentation or report or project for their firm’s boss, or for those on the corner selling drugs, each one can relate to Jeezy.

Jeezy is a true thug motivator.


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