Dilated Peoples – 20/20 (10 Year Anniversary)


This was Dilated Peoples’ last album on a major record label. And they went out with a bang(er). The head bob is constant throughout this album.

This was the first album by Dilated that I heard as soon as it was released. I didn’t hear Expansion Team and Neighborhood Watch until much later, years versus months, respectively.

I had just become a big Dilated fan, off the strength of their appearance on The Alchemist’s 1st Infantry and the “This Way” record. Who knew that I’d become a huge Evidence fan the following year, I didn’t.

The beats were banging but that’s always expected especially with Alchemist, Evidence, Babu and Sid Roams at the helm.

Favorites on the album include “Back Again,” “Firepower,” “You Can’t Hide, You Can’t Run,” and “Kindness for Weakness.”

“Back Again” is—to put in one word—a banger. The hook is catchy. The video is even better.

I can’t help but get hyped at Rakaa and Capleton on “Firepower.” I like the Caribbean feel of it. Rakaa did well. The energy from Capleton during the hook is crazy.

As for the last two, they are dope. I can play both and my mood would instantly change. They are that good. They have an—almost joyous and bouncing—beat them.

Plus, Evidence’s verse on “Hide” is fucking dope.


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