The Game – Doctor’s Advocate (10 Year Anniversary)


It’s crazy but the Game managed to follow up his amazing debut album with a solid sophomore effort. And this was without the assistance of Dr. Dre and 50 Cent.

The album was good albeit a couple hiccups (I’m looking at you “Around The World”). But for the most part the album was dope.

Whenever I play this album, two songs stick out: “Ol’ English” and “Why You Hate The Game.”

First, let’s briefly mention the production on those records.

Hi-Tek created a somber setting with loud spaced out drums that allowed Game to get personal. The sprinkle of the bass guitar and piano is awesome and adds to that somber feel. That whistle might seem out of place but it’s a good complement to the sound.

Meanwhile, Just Blaze delivered a magical production. The song is beautiful in short. The gospel and soulfulness feel to it gives me goosebumps.

“Ol’ English” shows Game reminiscing of his adolescence and sharing some of his pain. He talks about the deaths of his uncle and brother, plus, shares some of his firsts. A dark, powerful record that is a classic.

“Why You Hate” is fucking magnificent and cinematic. The fact that Nas is on it makes this record even bigger. Plus, Marsha Ambrosius beautiful voice goes hand in hand with the production. All three artists do their thing.

This album showed that Game was capable of overseeing his own project and be successful at it as well. But most importantly, it showed that Game was not to be fucked with.


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