Rick Ross – Port of Miami (10 Year Anniversary)


“Hustlin'” was infectious.

It was everywhere.

Backed by the production of The Runners, “Hustlin'” had people thinking they were hustlers. Whether you were hustling illegally or legally (working a 9-to-5 or going to school) you could relate to that power of that hook.

It was a huge single that it got the remix treatment. Fellow Def Jam artists Jay Z and Young Jeezy jumped on the remix and killed it. Jeezy was coming off his street-acclaimed debut and shared a similar subject matter. When Jeezy joined Ross, it was magically, cocaine-infused magic.

Jeezy’s Big Meech line and his final two bars are everything.

Meanwhile, Jay rapped about his newly increased fortunate while simultaneously subliminally dissing an old record label mate that was saying some shit, you gotta love it, pun intended.

This is easily one of my favorite remixes ever.

Not to be outdone, Ross delivered a great supporting cast to his monster of a single.

The two Cool and Dre produced tracks “Boss” and “Blow” are bangers. Cool joins in during the hook and adds his touch to the song. Both feel like larger than life anthems. These two are my favorites next to the two “Hustlin'” tracks.

Other songs like “Push It,” “Where My Money,” “I’m Bad,” and “White House” made this album a solid debut.


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