T.I. – King (10 Year Anniversary)


King came out at the right time. The south was running the rap world. Atlanta was on fire.

T.I. had just been proclaimed the King of the South, so the album was properly titled. And man did this album feel royally.

“What You Know” gave that feeling. It was a masterpiece. I won’t go more in depth because I already did.

The rest of the album was solid too.

I enjoyed “Front Back” so much that at one time, I made it my MySpace profile song. Remember MySpace? Pimp C easily stole the stoplight on the song. His verse is charismatic, and shows off Pimp’s personality.

T.I. goes on a tear on “I’m Talkin’ To You,” dissing Lil’ Flip and subliminally dissing someone else. The latter could be maybe be interpreted as the rap world. Regardless, T.I. making bold statements is welcomed.

Others songs like “Bankhead,” “Why You Wanna,” “Undertaker,” “Live In The Sky,” “Good Life,” “King Back,” “Ride Wit Me,” and “Top Back” are good performances by T.I. that show his versatility as a rapper. He tried different things: flows, beats etc. and they all sounded good in the process.

It wasn’t until this pat year that I discovered how dope both “Bankhead” and “Undertaker” were. Both are certified bangers. The latter has that mixtape feel to it, which I love, thanks to the intro from DJ Drama.

King came and solidified T.I. as a wrecking force.


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