Best of Joe Budden vol. 3: #19 Rest in Peace


From: Mood Muzik: The Worst of Joe Budden

Year: 2004

“God I can’t make pretend, at least take me first so I ain’t gotta see you take my friends”

Death is all over this song.

He flips his friend’s death by speaking to him. He tells his deceased friend that he made it out the ‘hood. That’s an interesting and refreshing way to look at a situation. His friend is now free.

The real gem of this song is the story of Uncle Mike. It’s a sad tale.

Mike was an addict who developed a form of cancer. The doctor gave him less than a year to live. Joe’s dad was devastated. He looked at music to cope with the situation. He found a gospel record that he’d continuously played. That was his coping mechanism.

Mike used the news as a stepping-stone to sobriety, which he did.

Around the same time, medicine to fight the cancer was introduced.

Years passed and Mike was cancer-free. You can even say the gospel song helped.

Things were looking good.

That is until things started disappearing.

Mike relapsed and coincidentally, his cancer returned. Joe believed God played a factor in the cancer remittance since Mike couldn’t stay away from his vices. He was blessed enough to beat cancer once but wasn’t thankful.

Mike passed earlier this year. He lived longer than expected, so he had a great life. When he passed, Joe posted the news on Instagram. I had to give my condolences.

The peaks and valleys in this song make it a great record. I might have shed a tear or two listening to this song in the past.

(Photo Credit: Joe Budden’s Instagram)


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