Best of Joe Budden vol. 3: #18 Walk With Me


From: Joe Budden

Year: 2003

“I take you to meet my girl I got to see if you notice, if she love me or if the bitch got an ulterior motive”

As Joe’s life changes with success, so do the people around him. Joe doesn’t have to search far to see the change. He can just look at his neighborhood.

But that’s life, especially in the ‘hood.

When you make it out, people look at you different. They see dollar signs. Since they struggled and see others in similar situations, they swarm what was just like them but isn’t anymore.

For example, a dude I know was born in the ‘hood but made it out as he got his degrees and eventually his CPA license. Now when he comes around, dudes from the neighborhood look at him different.

That’s the situation Joe found himself in after signing to Def Jam and he started getting some notoriety in the rap game.

People were coming out the bushes trying to use Joe. Old acquaintances, friends and relatives were seeking Joe’s help financially, directly and indirectly. Those relatives or “relatives” are trying to get put on. They want a boost into the music industry.

This kicks up his paranoia, which extends to his inner circle making Joe question his own friends. He starts examining what their motives are: are they genuine? Or do they have ulterior motives?

He starts thinking of his child’s mother and her real motives. He wonders if the pregnancy was a trap set up by her to plot money out of Joe or if it just happen.

Shit, that second verse has a lot to take in.


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