Best of Joe Budden vol. 3: #15 OLS4


From: Some Love Lost

Year: 2014

“You left me, I’m doing me, you doing you, so what the fuck is me doing me have to do with you?”

The never-ending saga that is Joe and Tahiry continues on this record.

The long tenured on and off relationship has been well documented in music, TV shows and social media. Through the ups and downs, they still have love for one another.

They tried to rekindled, but it failed.

While Tahiry left Joe, Joe would like to give it one last shot but it seems like Tahiry isn’t willing to give it another chance. Tahiry is out dating athletes, one after another, hence the “ball player” lines in the song. At the same time, Joe is dating women and living his life too.

However, he can see through the fog that she might be the one he’s supposed to be with. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He wants to make her the mother to a future seed. If she would want to get back together, Joe would dump all the women he is seeing to be with her.

In reality, their relationship has no basis of for hope. Tahiry doesn’t trust what Joe says. Plus, she cannot get over the past. She keeps referring to the old things Joe did in their relationship. She sees him as a cancer to her life. All he did was hurt her. She just doesn’t want to go through that again. Which is understandable, even Joe admitted to doing some wrong to her.

Although wrong, their rocky relationship has produced some of Joe’s best music.


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