Best of Joe Budden vol. 3: #14 If I Die Tomorrow


From: Mood Muzik 2: Can It Get Any Worse?

Year: 2005

“Best thing about dying tomorrow I wont see anybody I love leave”   

Death is evitable.

That’s why if it were his time to die, he’d be okay with it. He’s lived great life, doing things he never thought he’d do. He’d be okay with his demise because he trusts God and His plan. Plus, Joe would revisit dead his loved ones.

He remains optimistic about dying especially if it’s at a young age. He’d get the opportunity to not mourn over the deaths of his loved ones. It’s kind of selfish but who wants to see their loved ones die?

As you get older you’d start losing your memories and your ability to do things. Plus, you start asking for care from others. I hate to say this but you become a burden.

He was able to sell some records by having a hit single on his debut album, but more importantly, his music touched fans.

It made an impact. Joe’s music has saved lives. It has helped people get through things. I am one of those impacted.

This list is a perfect example.

Joe’s music has touched me in a way that I find myself needing to let other people know of his greatness, hoping people realize how dope he and his music are.

Just go to any of his shows, the fans in the audience rap along with every word. His music has touched fans because his music is very personal. It’s relatable. Any person from any background can find a way relate to his trials and tribulations.


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