Best of Joe Budden vol. 3: #12 Calm Down


From: Joe Budden

Year: 2003

“Listen, ain’t shit like seeing your moms crying on the floor, knowing you the reason why she ain’t alright no more”

“Calm Down” is an ode as well as a thank you to his mother Faye.

If it weren’t for his mother, Joe would still be battling his drug addiction. He’d still be smoking PCP. He’d still be a wreck, physically and mentally.

At first, Joe thought his mother’s and his father’s own battle with drug addiction was the reason behind his addiction. As if it was genetic. He continues the blame game and starts blaming his mother for everything that is wrong in his life including being a convict.

One day, he sees her sobbing on the floor. It was because of him. She stood by him through everything. She finally reached a certain point where she had enough.

Joe continued his battle with drugs even after that image of his mother. I would’ve started the rehab process right then and there after seeing my mom crying. It’s a powerful picture.

Eventually Joe gathers the willpower and gets sober. He’s thankful his mother never gave up on him. Her prayers were answered. She got her son back. Joe feels he owes it to his mother to remain sober and not give in to temptation. His sobriety has an additional blessing: their relationship has become stronger. Joe has said numerous times that his mother is one of his best friends.

And to think, they were once at odds—well, one-sided odds.



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