Best of Joe Budden vol. 3: #06 Where Did It Go Wrong


From: —

Year: 2007

“Half of me still with you and I don’t care y’all, other half with her, I’m stuck so I compare y’all”

Joe and Tahiry’s relationship was an on-again off-again roller coaster ride that was well documented in Joe’s music and other public platforms (television, social media).

Joe allowed the music to reflect his at-that time emotions, providing us with some great songs.

This song falls into that category.

The addition of phone calls between Joe and Tahiry at the beginning and ending of the song add a glimpse of what the relationship was. You could hear the hurt in Tahiry’s voice as she questions Joe and let’s him know that she will fight his new girlfriend.

The relationship started great but eventually went south.

Infidelity and the physical abuse begin, and Joe realizes he doesn’t know her like he thought.

Joe is hurt and wonders why ol’ girl did what she did.

He finally realizes that the only way to get over his former love is to find a new one. However, in doing so, he can’t help but compare the two. He claims that he’s scarred from the Tahiry relationship. Any new relationship will be questioned to death. Does Joe like this new girl? Or is he doing it out of spite?

Regardless, the last third of the song is flames. Joe’s pondering what the guy Tahiry cheated with had that attracted her. You could feel the pain in Joe’s heart as he puts all this in writing, coping with it in the process.

“Where” is truly an underrated and amazing record in Joe’s discography.


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