Best of Joe Budden vol. 3: #08 Pray For Me


From: Padded Room

Year: 2007

“Yet you stand there and question a —– that tries hard, and finds a way when you keep dealing them fucked up cards”

This song is brilliant yet some could call it…controversial.

But who hasn’t questioned a higher power?

Whether you believe in something or you don’t, you’ve reached this crossroad: contemplating life, and whether or not, something more powerful was at play.

Joe is not different.

“Pray For Me” finds Joe having an intense back-and-forth conversation and revaluation with God.

With everything Joe has been through, he starts questioning whether there is a God. His life was difficult. He did some wrong things but managed to turn his life around. Why did God give such trials and tribulations to Joe?

As a matter of fact, why would someone who loves each and every one, put evil in the world?

Joe brings up this valid point and others that I found myself wanting answers to.

The syndromes, diseases, poverty, wars, hunger, etc. all these are problems in the world. You’d think a person as loving as Him would want his children to live in a Utopia like society. But that’s not real life. Life has all of them. People are suffering. Who would want to see their children suffer?


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