Best of Joe Budden vol. 3: #09 Ordinary Love Shit Part 3


From: —

Year: 2011

“I been through the whirl, so I suck it up, it’s less about the lie more about the cover ups”

It’s funny, I remember when Joe tweeted he was going to make a “love song.” I didn’t know if this was Joe finally caving into the mainstream. It’s safe to say, I didn’t know what to expect.

What started off as something organic ended in turmoil.

That sentence can be used to describe Joe and Esther’s relationship with this song being the demise of the relationship. The aftermath of this record was insane with some outlandish claims being made.

The relationship started going through obstacles (jealousy, altercations, thoughts of infidelity) that lingered over the relationship. Joe tried talking about it but didn’t succeed.

What started as something fun, quickly turned to something from a movie, a Lifetime movie. As the series progresses, Joe starts realizing little things about Esther that he doesn’t like. Her lack of ambition, short fuse, jealously and dishonesty had finally gotten to Joe. He had enough.

Then the Derrick Ward situation occurs. I’ll leave the details out. Just listen to the record.

“OLS Part 3” came out and everyone was dumbfounded.

They couldn’t believe Joe aired out the relationship. Most people wouldn’t get too detailed about a break up. Joe did. And he did on a record. In return, he created an amazing record.

The thing about this record is that it has become a staple in his discography and a certified banger/party starter at his shows. The crowd raps along to every word.


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