Best of Joe Budden vol. 3: #10 Dumb Out


From: Mood Muzik 2: Can It Get Any Worse?

Year: 2005

“I’m downloading like n—- actually play this? Maybe I’m bugging out, maybe I’m on a spaceship”

What can I say about this record that will do it justice?

Even if I say a bunch of things about how dope it is, I’d still feel like I did do a sufficient job.

“Dumb Out” made a lot of people “aware” of Joe. It helped knock the one-hit wonder moniker Joe had. Was “Fire” a hit? Shrugs.

Regardless, this song opened my eyes and was the factor that made me check out the classic and my favorite mixtape ever, Mood Muzik 2. His aggressiveness, cockiness and bluntness were just a few of the reasons why this song caught my attention.

His onslaught on “Dumb Out” showed how lyrically superior Budden was than other rappers. He makes the claim and backs it up by telling us how versatile with content he is. He could give you some heartfelt songs and then hit us with just raps, which he did here. He sent subliminal shots at a fellow rapper, responded to criticism, touched on his record label turmoil, etc. he spoke on it all.

To be honest, I felt like Joe needed this song to get everything off his chest. And he successfully did, receiving praise along the way.


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