Best of Joe Budden vol. 3: #03 Whatever It Takes


From: Clinton Sparks – Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed

Year: 2004

“Fuck the world, fuck my fuck my moms and my girl, well, maybe not mom’s, just let me remain calm”

Although this is my personal favorite record from Joe, I have to think it’s not his “best record.”

First of all, best is subjective. Each person will give you a different answer. Some might agree but the majority will have their own “best.”

Now, back to the song.

This song is: joyful, sad, hopeful, reflective…personal.

Joe puts it ALL out there from the very beginning, telling us he’s been dealing with something for quite a while and rap is the only way he wants/can deal with it. He mentions his drug addiction, friends, his baby mother, hip-hop, etc while dealing with the elephant in the room: his depression.

The imagery Joe paints of him shows how deep in a hole he was. Joe wanting to be alone, unbothered in the same clothes as the day before shows how powerful this sickness is. He doesn’t want to do ANYTHING including the basic: shower. That shows just how powerful depression is, and the state he was in.

The personification of his depression was clever and something I never heard before. He put a face to it and made the imagery brighter. You could picture an annoying little brother nagging every so often not wanting to leave his older brother’s side.

I could continue but I will stop.

I will end it with this. I use this song as motivation, when life is getting tough, I run to this and know that everything will be okay.


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