Best of Joe Budden vol. 3: #04 Only Human


From: Some Love Lost

Year: 2014

“Can’t be depression, couldn’t have it this long, so many secrets I only told through a glass of Patron”

This song is one of those records that touch on multiple subjects.

The third verse is aimed at a former girlfriend and provides history and context to the relationship both during and after. He provides insight and tells his side of the relationship while responding to the accusation of being a domestic abuser.

The second verse is the one with the most to digest.

The suicide part is…hard to get through.

The fact that one of my favorite rappers was considering suicide…hurts. He’s been apart of my life for more than ten years, to hear those words in the song was difficult especially at that time. You’d think his depression days were over but they weren’t.

The suicide note line was hard to listen to because it shows that he had thought about it and was ready to go through with it, he just needed to do one more thing before killing himself. He contemplated the pros and cons of living, and realized dying was the best option.

That image is terrifying, not just because he’s one of my favorites but because someone has reached a point where nothing can be done or changed for them to feel different and/or better.

Although this song has tough subject matter, it is an incredible record that joins the rest of Joe’s arsenal of deep, relatable, almost-too-personal records.

Thank you Joe.


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