Best of Joe Budden vol. 3: #05 Sing For The Moment


From: Mood Muzik: The Worst of Joe Budden

Year: 2004

“They say you soft when you move out the hood, so my goal is that to make all of my loved ones punks”

The original is a classic. Joe had to deliver to give any type of justice for even touching this beat.

This song—much like the original—provides hope.

Here Joe talks about the rise. Everything that occurred helped shape his current position. Through hard work and struggle, he crawled out of a deep hole, and for that he is grateful. He’s appreciative of his journey. The path he went through shows just how much having hope means.

At one brief moment, Joe was ready to quit but didn’t at the suggestion of his fans that real stuck by him and help build him back up. In fact, the fans and Joe helped one another, Joe provided hope and the fans gave Joe a feeling of belonging, a feeling that his music was touching people.

That feeling still applies today.

Joe’s music has touched many including myself. He makes that music that touches the soul.

That third verse is truly one of his better ones.

He shows his gratefulness and appreciation to his early fans that stood by him and motivated him to continue. Those early fans knew he was something special. Look no further than a few bars into the song where he mentions a fan telling him a song on this list lead to his sobriety. That alone is worth more that selling a bunch of records.

And to think this whole process started from nonchalantly because of those high school cyphers.


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