Best of Joe Budden vol. 3: #01 All of Me


From: Mood Muzik 3: For Better or Worse

Year: 2007

“Sometimes the simplest of things people need it”

This song might not be my favorite but this song is arguably Joe’s best.

Best is subjective but if you would conduct a poll of his catalogue, this record would get a tremendous amount of votes.

There’s one word that can describe this record—or at least a variation of that word—incredible.

At shows, he’s ended the night with this record, which is the perfect go-home record. The crowd goes home happy because they get to witness a monumental song in person. Joe knows how big and impactful this record became.

Joe shows his vulnerability.

Joe shows his compassion.

Joe shows his honesty.

Joe shows his frustration.

Joe gives it his all, pun intended.

The record is filled with revelations that center on disappointment when reaching success, family, fatherhood, friendships, relationships, depression etc. As each topic is brought up, an extra layer of Joe is added to the record. Making the record that much more personal.

I will never forget the story about Tammy.

That story is a roller coaster full of emotions. Joe’s reaction to the voicemail is shocking, and shows how he wasn’t ready to deal with such heartbreaking news. The voicemail was too real for Joe. A few lines later, he admits he reacted horribly.

I’ve come to close to tears listening to that story. How can you not react to it?

“All of Me” is simply a beautiful song that finds Joe pouring his heart out and getting personal with the listener.


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