Featuring Jeezy

Jeezy is dope, point blank.

When he came out, it was refreshing. His entire style was unique. His sound was monstrous. Shit, you can say that the sound he had helped birth a sub genre in the electronic music genre.

His first album is a classic. His second album was dope. His third album was great too.

His coke raps are dope, pun intended.

His ad-libs are legendary.

He was hot.

He appeared on many records in his first few years as a mainstream rapper, delivering many memorable verses in these features.

Jeezy was invited to hop on some records and preceded to kill it. Here are just a few records where Jeezy shined.

Rick Ross – “Hustlin’ (remix)”

Both Jeezy and Ross were fresh off their major label debuts. Both had the streets buzzing and both shared a similar subject matter. So, when both of them appeared on this banger with another dopeboy, you knew your were bound to witness something unique and incredible. It was. All three delivered. Jeezy stole the show. His brag raps were great. The Big Meech line is easily the one that comes to mind. Plus, the last line is an amazing feat, and a great line, whether true or not.


Bun B – “Get Throwed”

Albeit short, Jeezy’s verse is filled with greatness. He provides a condensed step-by-step guide on how to sell including how to handle the transaction. His homage to the Nextel phone was dope.


Jay Z – “Real As It Gets”

This shit is incredible and monumental. Jeezy was coming off The Recession, one of his best albums, so it’s no surprised he stood toe-to-toe with the G.O.A.T. His raps on here were tremendous. The majority of the lines are quotables. In his two verses, he reminds and then reassures us how dope he is.


Kanye West – “Amazing”

Just like Aziz Ansari’s cousin says, “[this song] is amazing.” The thundering beat matches Jeezy’s raspy, slow flow raps. His ad-libs are an added touch. His verse is simple but effective. Jeezy lets us know of his hard work and hustle that eventually paid off. His work ethic paid off in both the drug and the rap game.

(Photo Credit: Jeezy’s Instagram)


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