Featuring Rick Ross

Rick Ross came into the rap game sounding like a one hit wonder because of his huge single “Hustlin’.” Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

He delivered a solid debut album with Port of Miami and eventually became a major player in rap. In fact, there were two, maybe three solid years that Ross ruled the rap world. Everything he was touched was fire. He even endured, and survived, a beef with 50 Cent.

Every year Ross shows improvement.

His beat selection is already impeccable, and with each new release—whether album, mixtape or verse—Ross’ rapping gets better. His subject matter expanded, his punchlines got wittier, the number of quotables increased and his grunts got louder and cockier.


I decided to highlight Ross on this entry of this featuring blog series by looking at a few tracks he left me amazed.

Dom Kennedy – “Gold Alpinas”

Over smooth Drewbyrd production, Ross is the ultimate brag artist. Ross stunts by rapping about his materialistic things that include jewelry and automobiles but the still manages to show off his humor. He pokes fun at his weight. First, he admits he cannot run a lap, then saying he’s fat—just like his pockets. He ends the verse with something memorable by telling us that he’s running the rap game, a true statement at that time.

Pusha T – “I Still Wanna”

This shit is fucking hard and makes me want to sell cocaine. It’s that convincing! And tempting. You cannot simply just play this song once. You have to hit repeat a few times. The verse features a rags to riches story that could only rival those of fairy tales. Ross is aggressive, loud and authoritative, just like a boss, as he shares tidbits of his former life.

Kanye West – “Devil in a New Dress”

This is arguably, Ross’ best verse. The beat is perfect for him. The keyboard and guitar solos that preceded his verse are dope and set the stage for something magical: enter Ross. A self-made man, Ross’ verse reeks of the success. His hard work and determination got him here. He put in work in the streets and paid his dues in rap. Regardless of the money, Ross is still the same person. He knows that he’s blessed so he’s going to enjoy it.

Pusha T – “Hold On”

Kanye provided a beautiful backdrop for Ross to give one of my favorite verses from him. He finds himself reminiscing about his former life including seeing his friend go from riches to death in a week. The maturity Ross shows is dope. He enjoys the finer things but realizes he can do other things with his wealth. He can spread his wealth and build a school in a foreign land or he can a supporting block to help you when the trials and tribulations seem to be too large to handle.

(Photo Credit: Ross’ Instagram)


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