An Ode To Alchemist: Chemistry 120

Rest in peace Prodigy.

The Alchemist – Hold You Down feat. Prodigy, Illa Ghee and Nina Sky (2005)

The way all three rappers perfectly incorporated/worked around the hook is dope. They make it apart of their verse. That bouncing key is fucking crazy. It sounds like a loose spring. Although Alchemist delivered a good outing, Prodigy shines through. This record was made for Prodigy to hop on and destroy, Youtube the making of this record as proof.

Prodigy – The Dough (2008)

Alchemist laid a funky and hard beat for Prodigy, using Stevie Woods’ “In Way Over My Heart” as a sample and the key element in the beat. Alchemist is great at capturing that feeling of New York City and delivering it in a beat. That keyboard/piano is an oxymoron. On one hand, it’s smooth but it’s also somewhat frightening.

Prodigy – Live (2012)

Credit for this song’s funkiness should be given to the sample Alchemist found in Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera’s “Vai Gorilla.” The beat is a combination of eeriness and funkiness, and it works well together. Meanwhile, Prodigy sounds perfectly over the slow-tempo production as he preaches to everyone to enjoy live.

Prodigy – Stuck on You (2007)

Alchemist grabbed the Jennie Reynolds “I’m Hooked On You” and sped it up like the chipmunk sound of the early 2000s. Those drums! They are loud and they thump. The beat is so smooth. Prodigy meshed well with this funky beat as proclaims his gangsta love and loyalty to a woman.

Prodigy – The Rotten Apple (2007)

The beat is smooth and very calm. Those slow plucks of the guitar are dope, thanks to the sample! Prodigy keeps it gangsta by calmly rapping about that street life while namedropping several old prominent players in the New York underground world. The beat is a perfect backdrop for his nonchalant tribute to the city that shaped him. Prodigy is the epitome of New York City. Everything from his raps, his swagger, his voice, his attitude, defines the fame and loved New York rap fans loved.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)


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