Featuring Kanye West

Kanye has had several memorable guest verses. Some are memorable for their one-liners and some are memorable for the content. Either way, I’ve found myself uttering the following words: “’Ye killed it!”

Below find a few verses that I found myself saying those words.

Stat Quo – “Ohh Drama”

This was early Kanye. Additional, this is one of my favorite songs ever. Kanye delivered a verse to remember. From the Benzino line, to his “bitch” lines, he left an impact. Those “bitch” lines show his arrogance and vulnerability, a foreshadowing of his future self. He showed wittiness with the Benzino line before addressing his pre-famous days. If he’d taken that job at The Home Depot, he wouldn’t be in the position he was at that time. Just think about that, imagine hip-hop without Kanye. Incredible.

Chris Brown – “Deuces (remix)”

Kanye was definitely talking to someone specific. His verse is full of wittiness, humor, and disrespect. Those first four bars are fire! It’s almost the ultimate insult. I can use those same bars and apply it to anyone. You could too! The final nail on the coffin was that “hot” line. That is pure disrespect. Kanye is telling her that her fifteen minutes of fame are almost done, so enjoy what little time is left.

Young Jeezy – “Put On”

Kanye is honest and vulnerable in this verse. He finally admits that the death of his mother—eight months before this record dropped—had a huge impact on him. He lost a piece of himself when she passed. Kanye lost the woman who knew the real Kanye. He continues and says that his fame and wealth did not bring happiness. Instead it brought loneliness. With success, you start realizing people act differently. Kanye can’t seem to tell who is genuine and who isn’t, a downfall to having wealth.

Dilated Peoples – “This Way”

The final two bars are easily the lyrics that stand out. Kanye the player is featured all over this song. He brags about the women he is currently seeing while making references to the college Greek life. Again, he shows his cleverness by using humor and other references to get his point across. All his girls are leaving him, so rather than apologize to them, he is looking for new woman “off the bench,” aka women he didn’t pursue and/or women he’s recently met.


(Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian-West’s Instagram)


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