An Ode To Alchemist: Chemistry 121


Here’s another one for the books.

The Alchemist – Left Out In The Cold Feat. 88-Keys & Aceyalone (2008)

The beat is dope. It’s funky, soulful and it knocks—what else could you want? It samples Ramon Morris’ “People Make The World Go Round” and UPP’s “Give It To You.” UPP’s bassline is sick. I like the horns during Alchemist’s verse, which come from the Morris sample. That, along with the repeating drum reminds me of an old film. The horns sound like the part in film where the chase intensifies. The horns appear during the chase where the antagonist is within arm’s distance of the hero. Aceyalone kills it. Alchemist kills it.

Durag Dynasty – Goon Call Feat. Iman Thug (2013)

The beat is annoying, loud, arrogant, but tough. It’s pretty much any and every adjective. In a word: its dope. The song is the epitome of tough. Iman Thug’s hook, along with the beat, gets me hyped every damn time.

The Alchemist – Stop The Show Feat. Stat Quo & M.O.P. (2004)

This shit is just hard. The drums are insane. I can’t help but crank the volume to an obnoxious level and just bob my head. Everyone kills it. Stat was my dude at the time this came out, so you can only imagine how excited I was when I found out he was going to be on this album. Billy Danze and Lil’ Fame are perfect over this beat. Their flows coincide well with the beat’s up-tempo.

Roc Marciano – Sincerely Antique Feat. Action Bronson & Willie The Kid (2013)

The beat samples Sincerely Antique’s “Don’t Let Me Down,” which is already a cool song. Alchemist sped the harmonization at the beginning of “Don’t Let Me Down,” and made it sound like something straight out the 1950s doo-wop era. Both Action and Roc sounds beautifully over this song. They slowly flow over the beat nonchalantly with minimal effort.

Big Twins – When I Walk Away Feat. The Alchemist (2009)

The beat samples vocals from The Softones’ “I’m Gonna Make The Score” which Alchemist made a vital part of the beat, as it appears throughout. The “jumping” sound is something that stands out, and I like! The drums are dope—which isn’t a surprised. I like that hidden computer sound—it resembles that alert when volume is at its max. Alchemist delivered a cool guest verse, but Big Twin’s verse was better. His raspy voice is a great counter to the beat.


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