Schoolboy Q’s “My Homie”: From a Dream to Reality

The more I listen to this record, the faster it grows on me. Previously, I would skip the record once Schoolboy finished talking at the beginning of it.

Something about it turned me off.

But now, I fuck with it.

It starts off slow but builds up until it reaches the opening words of the first verse.

The song is interesting as Q shares a story of a friendship that went sour. An old friend of Q was disloyal and showed a different side than he portrayed.

They did everything together, legally and illegally. From that, it was a complete shock that Q’s friend would turn on him and cause him more misery. It was shocking because Q says they close. They were closer to brothers or cousins than friends. They grew up together, hand-in-hand. Just look at the second line from the second verse as proof: “heard you was in trouble, I unretired my glock.” Who else but a great friend or a family member would do such a thing? I wonder if this story somehow related to Q’s old prison sentence.

The reason for this post was those words Q said about one of my favorite people: Alchemist.

Q says he couldn’t wait to get a beat from him since he heard the legendary and classic, in my eyes, 1st Infantry. This intrigues me. How long has Q been waiting? Did he hear that album a short time before this record? Or did he manage to catch it in the moment like I did in 2005?

Regardless, Q kept his goal, and ended up getting his this as his first beat in 2012 for his album Habits & Contradictions. He’d get two more for his next two albums while appearing on a couple other Alchemist joints. He set a goal, worked hard, and met it. That’s amazing, and beautiful at the same time. I bet nothing compares to the feeling Q got when he first got the “My Homie” beat. I can just imagine Q coming to the realization that he was about to rap over a beat that’s he’s long been waiting for. I picture Q’s with an amazed expression on his face as plenty of smoke filled Alchemist’s studio.

I’ve had the same sentiment as Q, and I don’t rap!

I’ve had thoughts of gathering some money and purchasing a beat from him just to say that I have one. I’d absolutely not do anything with it. It’d be a collectible in my eyes. Just imagine, you in the situation. You’d be one of a small amount of people that have heard the beat. Now, that’s exclusive. A beat that’s so rare, Alchemist might be the only other person to have heard it or even know of it. Crazy!

That’d be something dope for the collection.

(Photo Credit: Evidence’s Tumblr Page)


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