An Ode to Alchemist: Chemistry 124

I love you Alchemist.

The Alchemist – Rookies of the Future feat. Action Bronson and Riff Raff (2014)

I didn’t know what to think when I first saw/hear this. After a few listens, I was blown away. I had the record on repeat. The record is brilliant. Both Action and Riff are charismatic in their verses, just like they are in life. Riff’s hook flows beautifully over that smooth production that’ll keep your head nodding.

Step Brothers – More Wins (2015)

This shit is hard. “More Wins” is easily one of my favorites songs ever. From the first time I heard this record I was in love. The beat is banging. The beat has a bounce, a joyful bounce that puts a smile on my face. It’s hard to not like this beat. Evidence absolutely destroys this. The clever word play from him is dope! I can’t help but recite his verse. That “chemistry underrated” line from Alchemist—oh man—no words.

Blu – Palisades feat. Big Twin, Killa Kali and Planet Asia (2015)

This shit goes hard. With a mixture of funk and soul, Alchemist lays a platform for Blu and company to have their way with this record. Big Twin’s raspy voice is a great counterpart to this as it combines something smooth and something raw. The world needs a collaborative project between Alchemist and Blu.

Nas – My Will (2008)

Nas went the fuck off. I’ve noticed a pattern. Whenever Alchemist and Nas link up, it usually ends up in FIRE! Nas calls this “a preview.”  If this was fire, I can only picture what the rest of the fire he was talking about was. This shit is heavenly, from Nas’ flow to the smooth yet funky beat. Speaking of the beat, I can’t help but keep nodding my head to it. Nas even had time to take shot at a nemesis while bigging up rappers that came before him.

Cormega – Who Can I Trust? feat. Lil’ Wayne (1999)

I had to give this a second take, I didn’t expect this collaboration especially back then. But it worked! The hook is dope as fuck. Cormega smoothly flows over the beautiful, funky Alchemist production. That beat is fire! ‘Mega tears this beat up.

(Photo Credit: Alchemist’s Instagram)


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