The Alchemist – Retarded Alligator Beats

This shit is cool! Although its only twenty minutes long, Alchemist finds a way to deliver a variety of beats on this tape.

The name of this beat tape might give off the impression that it is going to be a tape full of hard-hitting, head nodding, near-neck-injury beats but it is not. Trust me, I thought that exact sentiment. Instead Alchemist sprinkled a little bit of everything into this.

It starts off with the funky “Summer Maddness,” before leading into the neck cranking “Muscular Infant.” The latter has a hard-hitting beat that will have you bobbing your head back and forth.

Another funky record, “Steve McQueen Jacket,” acts as an interlude before Alchemist switches it up again on “Bloodhounds.” On there, Alchemist delivers a dark, eerie beat full of frightening keyboards and matching sound bites, very scary.

All this leads into the beat tape’s stand out record and only vocal one, “Voodoo” featuring Action Bronson.

After Alchemist sets up and lays this beat mid air, Action Bronson comes in and destroys it, dunking it home. The smooth, guitar-lead beat is the perfect backdrop for Action to just be Action and provide obscure metaphors and references—including a Kurt Angle one. The psychedelic feel to this record fits wells with Action’s raps that you cannot imagine any other rapper hopping on and doing it a justice.

Other records like “Jane Meets Chrissy,” “Retarded Alligator Beats,” “Holy Tabernacle,” “Gigantic Claim,” “A Million Cigarettes,” and “Still Ill” were dope.

“Holy” had just that, a holy feel to it. You could sort-of tell he sampled a gospel record simply by paying close attention to the “ah’s” and its harmonization.

“Gigantic Claim” had a fun, xylophone-esque feel to it that made it “spring.”

Meanwhile, “A Million Cigarettes” sounds like a combination of other records blended together. It must be that piano!

The beat on “Seven Minutes” is too dope, that I felt it would’ve been better placed on Covert Coup. That beat just feels like it was waiting for Currensy to slow flow over. He would’ve murdered that beat!

This beat tape is perfect for background music whether you’re multi-tasking or simply just hanging out, you can throw this on and just vibe out. It’s that dope of a record. Those twenty minutes will fly by, that you’ll find yourself replaying the beat tape a couple times to fully experience the record.


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