An Ode to Alchemist: Chemistry 125

Please find below another entry into this series.

Evidence – Line of Scrimmage feat. Slug (2007)

This, this was my introduction to Slug, and he delivers a great showing. Meanwhile, Evidence brings it. Both went the fuck off! The beat is perfect for both to come at with the hardest. The breakdown of some words by Evidence and Slug is catchy and fun to rap along with. The beat is full of some hard, neck cranking drums. It knocks!

The Alchemist – Bangers feat. Lloyd Banks (2005)

This record is vintage Banks—full of punchlines and metaphors. That key in the background is annoying but dope. It sounds frightening as if Alchemist planned on it. The beat during the hooks – phew! Fire.

Dilated Peoples – Poisonous feat. Devin The Dude (2004)

Both Evidence and Rakaa share true(?) stories of groupies, offering advice along the way. All while Devin backs them up. Rakaa simply kills it. The storytelling is dope. His groupie story is very well detailed and helps paint a vivid picture. The beat and those drums are hard as fuck.

Big Noyd – Air It Out (2003) / 50 Cent – I’m An Animal (2010) / Jadakiss – Checkmate (2005)

I didn’t hear the original until later. I first heard 50’s version then Jada’s. The beat is gritty as shit. The beat has a very catchy tempo that gives you a fast paced vibe, much like New York City is. Noyd’s gangsta rhymes and swagger add to that NYC feeling. 50’s version appears on his classic G-Unit Radio and he kills it, sharing parts of his rags to riches story while simultaneously throwing shots at Murder Inc. Ironically, Jadakiss used this beat to diss 50. Jada ab-so-lu-te-ly killed 50 with this diss. Line after line was pure fire.

Domo Genesis – Power Ballad feat. Smoke DZA

Fire! This was one of the first records I heard from Domo Genesis and Smoke DZA, and I was impressed. Both delivered stellar performances. DZA caught my ear because of his wrestling reference. Meanwhile, Domo’s “stat” and Australian currency lines, made me do a second take/listen. The beat is a mix of some funk and psychedelic. It blends well, and that guitar just shred all over the place.

(Photo Credit: Alchemist’s Instagram)


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