Alchemist Presents Cigarette Flow

A few years ago, Alchemist was invited to a local Los Angeles non-hip-hop radio station to be a guest DJ of sorts. Alchemist delivered a sensual mix that included some samples from his production discography.  

The end result was a mix/playlist that was pure flames. I wasn’t sure what to expect but he put together a nice variety of different records that provided an easy listening, smooth, funky and soulful experience.

The records he included were samples he used on records such as: Mobb Deep’s “The Realest,” Prodigy’s “The Rotten Apple,” Scarface’s “G-Type” and Gangrene’s “Breathing Down Yo Neck,” plus “Where Can We Go” and “Bang Out” from his classic, debut album, 1st Infantry.

Alchemist is more than a producer and a beatmaker. He is a composer. Look at what he did on Grand Theft Auto V with Oh No, listen to “Yacht Rock,” look at this mix. Dude is ill! He is a music heavyweight.

The mixture of records and various sound bites give off an experience like no other. He perfectly balanced both where one didn’t overshadow the other. The commentary was welcomed!

It took me a while to recognize the sample for “Breathing Down Yo Neck” but once I caught on, I was amazed. That sample is fire!

Plus, it was interesting to hear the origin of a few records. I didn’t know certain records had a gospel sample until this mix. Alchemist was able to tweak it to fit the production and liking!

Overall, the mix was a beautiful display of Alchemist’s genius mind. Hearing the records he used in samples in their original format before he did something was awesome. It added another level to the song. It added an experience to it. It was a process. It went from one thing to sounding like another thing.

(Photo Credit: Alchemist’s Instagram)


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