An Ode to Alchemist: Mobb Deep Edition Part 2

A-L-C and the M-O-B-B.

Mobb Deep – Carved in Stone (2003)

This shit is hard. The beat is fire! It’s a combination of something gritty with a bounce. You could bob your head while maintaining a disgusted look, similar to Jay Z listening to Timbaland on Fade To Black. The title is appropriate since they are legends in rap. Both Prodigy and Havoc delivered stellar performances. Prodigy hits us with a humblebrag by telling us of Mobb’s decade-long consistency. Meanwhile, Havoc highlights his gift as a dope rapper and producer in several humblebrags too.

Mobb Deep – Backwards (2003)

The humming by Havoc at the beginning of the record sets the tone, and warns you that you’re about to listen to some dope shit. Both Prodigy and Havoc keep it gangsta and remind us that they aren’t individuals to be fuck with, just listen to the hook. Prodigy verse is way too hard. His sense of humor as he gives threats is amazing.

Mobb Deep – Love Y’all More (2011)

This record is beautiful. The beat is magnificent, elegant, yet it has some soul to it! The backbeat is dope but that snare just hits your face. The hook has the Mobb showing their appreciation for the fans, who have been with them through the ups and the downs. Prodigy kills it. His opening six lines are dope. He addresses the hiatus where Mobb stayed in the background in order to recoup, and continue to provide that gangsta shit they are known to deliver.

Mobb Deep – More Like Us feat. Big Noyd, Bars & Hooks (2001)

This shit is fire! Alchemist flipped a disco sample and made it sound like something out of a mob film. I get a similar feeling to this as I did for “Get at Me.” One could follow another in the imaginary car or foot chase. The record provides the perfect backdrop for a cat and mouse game. Plus, Big Noyd killed this record.

Mobb Deep – Black Cocaine (2011)

“Black Cocaine” is hard. It’s scary. It’s mesmerizing. It’s fun. The beat is a banger. The repetition of those keys makes me picture a mad organist slamming his fingers on the organ as lightning strikes the night sky. Very imaginative, I know. The hook is fun and easy to recite (which I always do, regardless of who’s around me, even if it makes others feel uncomfortable). Meanwhile, Prodigy manages to show off both of his rap sides. He kept it gritty for the first half of the verse before switching to a more introspective perspective for the second half.

(Photo Credit: Evidence’s Instagram)


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