Featuring Game

Game is an underrated rapper, at least in my opinion. He has the portfolio that rivals others. He has a classic album with The Documentary, he has numerous dope albums, in which none are necessarily wack, and he can definitely rap. Usually there’s a smudge on a rapper’s record but I don’t think Game has one.

When he came out he was on fire. He was delivered great verses left and right. He was aligned with G-Unit and Dr. Dre and made great music with them. He then got “kicked out” of G-Unit, and survived, handling his own in the post-friendship beef.

Shit, he was hailed as the savior of West Coast rap for a minute.

Regardless, of the period of his rap career, Game has rap consistently all these years. Below are just a few records he has destroyed his guest appearance.

Hi-Tek – “1-800-Homicide”

This song makes me want to do illegal things. It makes me want to randomly start flashing gang signs. Credit needs to be given to that funky beat that just gives me those temptations/feelings. Game gangster’d this record. I don’t know how exactly to describe it. The way he starts off his verse is G, and that he isn’t someone to fuck with. Plus, this verse is Game to the tee with the numerous name drops and references.

The Alchemist – “Dead Bodies”

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a rapper be as tough and hard on a record as Game sounds on here. Game is the epitome of a gangsta in his verse. He tells us in the verse that if he likes your chain, he doesn’t have a problem snatching it, with or without altercation. That first verse is great and really puts in your mind the image of Game as a true gangbanger. Plus, how can you not like that Trina line?

Lloyd Banks – “When The Chips Are Down”

From the beginning of his verse, Game tells us he’s not here to replace Yayo, instead he’s here to be another force within G-Unit. Game admits that’s his linking up with 50 Cent, gave his career a revival, as he’s now apart of one of the hottest groups at the time. Plus, he provides some insight on his shooting and how all could think of was hiding his stash rather than seeking help or chasing his shooters. That’s nuts!

Strong Arm Steady – “Trunk Music”

The beat is hard and it bangs, therefore, it’s only right that Game keeps up with the record’s theme and makes references to cars. He does this while sprinkling in his usually name drops and West Coast touch. His raspy voice just sound too dope over just a fire beat.

(Photo Credit: Game’s Instagram)


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