ATL: Outkast – Hollywood Divorce

Outkast is legendary, point fucking blank. Andre 3000 and Big Boi are almost polar opposites of one another but together they are the perfect ying and yang, a counter balance of the other.

They went from the underground to gaining some mainstream love with Stankonia to absolutely ruling the world with Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, with the latter reaching diamond certification from the RIAA, an impressive and rare accolade.

“Hollywood Divorce” is a smooth and cool record that features two other respected and legendary rappers including an in-form best rapper alive Lil’ Wayne. Outkast still managed to do their respective thing on this record.

Andre’s verse is an example of why many rap fans and rappers find Andre to be incredible. Andre uses wordplay and wittiness to kick some game to the listeners. Not only does he tell us to avoid hazardous women, those who can only provide something physical, he tells us to be protective and smart with one’s money. Yeah, rich sounds cool but wealth sounds better. When you are rich, you are just a few mistakes from the curb, or being poor again, per Andre. Take that advice and cherish it.

Meanwhile, Big Boi doesn’t shy away from going at those critics, rap fans, women and men that have criticize Outkast and have tried to drive them apart, or tried to ruined them personally. Big Boi has the toughest words for those rap fans that criticize himself and Outkast on the Internet, especially those who hide being a username (or if its Twitter, an egg). He’s not the only rapper who shares those sentiments. He continues and says these fans won’t dare to say those things in person.

Simply put: Big Boi went off!

(Photo Credit: Big Boi’s Instagram)


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