ATL: Jeezy – Ya Dig

Jeezy was on fire back in 2005.

His mixtape was making noise in Atlanta and the Internet (aka the hip-hop message boards) started realizing this man’s buzz. His Trap or Die mixtape is considered a classic by rap fans including myself. The admiration he received on his debut might have caused The Inspiration to received an underwhelm appreciation. His third album was meet with stellar reception as Jeezy received an amazing verse from Kanye West and delivered an ode to a future President.

I could’ve chosen many different Jeezy records. I could’ve chose something from his stellar debut Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 or his great follow ups The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102 and The Recession, but I decided to choose something from his mixtape discography, a mixtape discography that is on par or exceeds his studio output in terms of quantity.

I chose a record that epitomizes a Jeezy record to the tee.

“Ya Dig” is just that.

The hook is brilliant as it had a braggadocious Jeezy rapping about his material things and his business skills. I mean, Jeezy said he’d re-up and sell it by the end of the night. That’s some true baller shit or a person with great sales abilities.

The record had it all: drug talk, his essential raspy voice, slow delivery, dope beat, ad-libs and wittiness. The first verse is everything: using slick metaphors Jeezy tells us how he gets to work. Jeezy even references another Atlanta record when rapping about his culinary skills, as well as a rapper when speaking about final result of his cooking. The laffy taffy line is clever and I am sure that Nestle has never heard their product used as a way to describe drugs.

(Photo Credit: Jeezy’s Instagram)


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