ATL: T.I. – Ride Wit Me

T.I.’s run was terrific. He went from underground rapper to King to superstar all within five to six years.

Once T.I. was both the self-proclaimed and proclaimed king, it seemed like he became a superhero and turned it up a notch. He became thee rapper and delivered his best album, in my opinion. Once King dropped, there was no arguing that he was indeed apart of hip-hop’s best, prior to that; you could’ve had an argument for and against.

T.I.’s ability to present on record his laid back, Southern demeanor, cool “persona” is incredible and “Ride Wit Me” is an example of that.

T.I. slow flows and glides over the beat as if he’s having a regular conversation, but, hey, maybe that’s just me.

Although he sounds laid back, the record is anything but that. T.I. is telling us about his home—Atlanta, the city these series of blog posts are about—and how he used to get down in the streets, hopefully not incriminating himself in the process. He talks about his past and how he adjusted with his new wealth and how he now has zones that will “ride” for him and handle any problems. I mean, isn’t that what being a king comes down to? Having others below you and that are willingly taking orders? T.I. is just following royalty protocol.

(Photo Credit: T.I.’s Instagram)


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