ATL: 2 Chainz – Blessing

2 Chainz’ rise through the rap ranks was incredible. He had a huge street single as part of the Atlanta-based duo Playaz Circle with “Duffle Bag Boy” before heading into obscurity.

He re-evaluated his stage name and rebranded himself as 2 Chainz. That decision was one of the greatest things to occur in hip hop history.

He started working the mixtape circuit and building his following all while creating some buzz. He hooked up with GOOD Music and stole the show on the posse cut “Mercy.” He capitalized off the strength of that verse’s buzz and delivered an album full of bangers. He continued his run by hopping on “Bandz A Make Her Dance” and “Fuckin’ Problems,” both of which were hugely successful and showed the world that 2 Chainz was here to stay.

Rather than choosing records 2 Chainz is typically known for, I decided to go left and chose “Blessing.”

On “Blessing,” we get a 2 Chainz with and without the glamour. The first verse is the one I’m particularly interested in. 2 Chainz opens up about his early life. In his past life, 2 Chainz was hustling. He started with a business partner and was able to profit of it. His hustling did have a negative effect as one of his friends/cousins was murdered. Plus, his mother soon discovered 2 Chainz new hobby. 2 Chainz managed to get out of the game with only a few scratches.

Although the subject matter is common in other raps, I felt like 2 Chainz wasn’t too proud of his past life by the way rapped the first verse. The line about his mother finding out he sold drugs sounded like disappointment, 2 Chainz never want his mother to find that out and disappointing her was a big thing. Plus, the last lines feel more like a confession.

Although he partook in a life of sin, he appreciates escaping with his life, a true blessing.

(Photo Credit: 2 Chainz’ Instagram)


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