ATL: Future – The Percocet & Stripper Joint

Future’s run from 2014 to 2017 was impeccable and a product of hard work and productivity. He was hopping on everyone’s record as a feature; he was various mixtapes, one after another; and he dropped a solo and collaborative album.

As soon as 56 Nights dropped, the rap world was in Future’s hand. “March Madness” became a hit with everyone loving and reciting the record. In a sense, “March Madness” began the onslaught of hits Future was about to deliver. You combine that record with “No Comprende,” “56 Nights” and “Trap N—–“ and you have a stellar second half of that mixtape.

Future followed that with DS2 a few months later. By now, Future was on top of the rap world. His buzz was tremendous after 56 Nights, and it only increased when he dropped and delivered a solid album in DS2. The album had bangers left and right. It had that many great records; I did not know which record to choose on my year-end list. I had to choose a few.

By the end of the summer, Future solidified 2015 as his year, by dropping a project with Drake. Although What A Time To Be Alive was sort of a letdown in some people’s opinion, it showed the power of Future at the time as Drake rode the Future wave for this project.

Out of all the records Future released during that time period, “The Percocet and Stripper Joint” is the most deceiving one. Although the song’s title contains two of Future’s most popular subjects, the beat is actually the opposite of what you would think a Future record would sound like. Instead of the loud hype record, we get a soft and simple production, that allows Future to share his passion and love for drugs, even if, it’s embellish. We all know Future wouldn’t do cocaine.

This record embodies what Future’s music is: a homage to drugs, even if he doesn’t partake in them. He’s able to capture that, and put it on record. He’s able to relate to the younger demographic that does do those drugs. Regardless of his stance on using one thing is for sure, Future makes good music.

(Photo Credit: Future’s Twitter)



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