Alchemist and Jay Worthy – Fantasy Island

This project came out of nowhere. I definitely was not expecting another soft-rock inspired project from Alchemist. In fact, I thought the complete opposite. I thought he was done with that phase when he dropped the amazingly dope Yacht Rock EP.

So, when I heard the snippet Alchemist posted on Instagram, I was intrigued. I had no idea who Jay Worthy was at the time, so I did not know what to expect, at least from his contribution, but if it was like any other Alchemist project with an unknown-rapper-to-me-at-the-time, then it was going to be a great collab.

The project’s cover came out and I was excited as it reminded me of some in-game GTA V photos/screenshots I once took, sort of. The cover’s style was simple yet fire!

Once “Boomerang” came out, I was like “Oh yeah, I can fuck with this type of sound.” The beat is a mixture of something funky and something gangster. Credit needs to be given to that bass guitar. Plus, this was my introduction to Jay Worthy, who’s slow flow and smooth delivery are soothing. The bonus shit-talking(?) from Big Body was a great addition as Body’s tough NYC presence is the perfect balance to the relaxed beat.

Stepping Out” finds itself perfectly fitting Worthy’s characteristic flow as the beat’s tempo goes hand and hand with the raps. The guest verse from $ha Hef was great as his slow flow and delivery was made for the production. His gangster raps with that beat allowed me to vividly imagine the things he is rapping about.

I went ahead and checked out the EP.

Miss You” featuring Conway came on, once the song was over, I immediately hit rewind. The beat starts off and you can immediately get a “Xxplosive” feel to it. Soon after Conway came in and delivered an honest, hold-me-down-girl verse. Conway killed it.

Conway starts telling his girl to hold him down while he goes away. He asks her to remain loyal to him by keeping money on his books and answer any time he calls. Conway continues and wants his girl to remain celibate and not fuck anyone as the pussy is his. Finally, Conway pleads with her and tells her that he’s finished giving attention to other women and that this time he is serious.

Conway ends his verse with the powerful and melodic “how you don’t believe in me bitch, you believe in Jesus, right?” That’s some gangster shit.

Thanks Conway.

(Photo Credit: Alchemist’s Instagram)


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