Verse of The Year: 03 Greedo – “Vroom”

“Vroom” was the first time I ever heard 03 Greedo rap. I couldn’t have chosen a better guest verse to have as an introduction.

For a few months, I’ve kept seeing the name 03 Greedo on my Twitter timeline, mostly from writer Jeff Weiss and mostly about Greedo’s case. I never paid too much attention to him until I ended up reading an article saying Greedo was next rapper from Los Angeles.

I read a brief on his life. At that time, he had just received his sentence–20 years. He was due to turn himself within a few weeks of my discovery of him.

Around that time, Hit Boy’s Tony Fontana came out. I was riding a Half-A-Mil high, so I decided to check out that project. I saw Greedo was featuring on the album, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

I heard “Vroom” and was blown away.

Greedo’s flow, voice, and content were incredible. His style was unique. I feel in love with his verse. I hit rewind. I just had to. Then, I hit rewind again.

The first four lines are full of pain and distraught.

Immediately he lets us know of his case that resulting in prison time. He was caught with a large quantity of drugs somewhere in Texas. As a prior convict, he was a bad situation. He hints at it begin a setup by referring to himself as a plug, but doesn’t quite say it. Usually, the authorities flip the smaller fish to catch a bigger fish, in my opinion, the Feds looked at Greedo as that big fish.

He asks potential life partners a hypothetical yet very true situation that would define their love for him: “would you love me even when I’m not around?” A question that can show so much love or create devastation, a tough question to ask anyone.

Greedo continues his verse and ends it with “free me,” which to me, sounds like a man that’s come to peace and knows he’s going to prison for quite a while. A tough realization to come to that I hope Greedo is at least somewhat at peace.

(Photo Credit:  Greedo’s Instagram)


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