Verse of the Year: J. Cole – “OSOM”

Cole has had a tremendous 2018.

He dropped an okay album (so I’ve heard) and has been killing the guest feature all year long.

Jay Rock’s “OSOM” is no exception.

He flows ever so gently and heavenly over the production and adds an emphasis to the end of the last few bars that you can’t help but join him in reciting each time the record comes on. It’s a favorite of mine to rap along with in my alone, car karaoke.

But Cole delivered a verse where he portrays a desperate man – a paranoia man, and a stressed man. And he does it well as he vividly, line by line paints a picture of a scenario where a man is living his darkest days.

Cole hints at suicidal thoughts and reliance on prescription drugs. Cole’s latest women issues have caused him to seek a way to cope. Whether it’s promethazine, Zoloft or Xanax, he’s for it. He needs to be altered just go deal with things. He needs to self medicate. The dependency on them is sad.

The end of the verse finds Cole pondering whether his friends are true friends or if they are in it as part of a long, cruel joke. A upsetting realization because you never know what one’s intentions are.

Now I love Cole, I think he is a great rapper. When he gets in a zone and delivers this type of record, I can’t help but think of how dope of a rapper he is, and reminds me of why I became a fan of his over nine years ago.

(Photo Credit: Tumblr)


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