Suprise of the Year: Don Toliver – Donny Womack

This was a nice surprise that I discovered in 2018.

After a strong performance and an impressive one on Travis Scott’s “Can’t Say,” Toliver peaked my interest.

I Google him to get learn some information on him. I found out he was from Houston like Scott and that he had just released a project as well. I found his album(?) and hit play.

That project was dope.

Toliver is multi-talented. He can rap, and he can croon. The latter has been a key characteristic that I’ve come to love in the rap world for the past several years now.

His voice is distinctively, which is what caught my ear on his collaboration with Scott. His voice sounds like a music/sound effect, as if auto tune was permanently installed in his mouth. He effortlessly flowed over the instrumental that I just had to peep his music.

Donny Womack comes in at just short of forty minutes but it’s a forty minutes of good music you can listen to straight through. The beats are perfect for Toliver, a nice mixture of slow and up-tempo to match his flow.

With any project from any rapper, there are records that just stand out. In this case, to me, those records were:

“Mamma Mia”

Bang Bang

“Video Girl”

“Run Up”

Video Girl” is my favorite one of the four and the one I’ve played the most.

Backed by a Caribbean inspired beat, Toliver raps, croons and mumbles ever so softly and effortless as he gives us his ode to sex and wishes for a woman to be his video vixen.

Meanwhile, on “Run Up” his flow is obnoxiously perfect for that beat as Toliver just stunts and talks his tough guy shit. This shit just sounds hard!

The rest of the album(?) is great too. Toliver has found the perfect formula of creating concise music that is easy to digest and fun to listen to.

That might sound like a diss but it’s intended as a compliment.

Donny Womack was a fun, good project that I genuinely enjoyed. Much like Nav’s project from the year before, I came in with zero expectations and came out with a positive opinion on young Don. I can’t wait for further projects from him, and I will be following his career.

(Photo Credit: Toliver’s Instagram)


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