Blog was started in 2009 just to document shit but really got off the ground in 2012 after being motivated and pushed laziness to the side.

Some stuff you will find here are:

#iPhoneEverything – inspired by the Evidence’s hashtag on Instagram; just photos of everyday things

Music – album reviews; song features; anniversaries; Artists’ catalog features (“Chemistry” series);

Joe Budden – basically everything from highlighting lyrics to Best of

Street Art – art shows; interviews with different street artists (“Meet” series); highlighting street art pieces (L2B series, “United” series); “This is What An Alley on Melrose Looks Like” series 

Snapmatic – Instagram-like photos taken from the game GTA V

Thoughts on: Movie/TV; Concerts; Big time sporting events; interesting music events

DISCLAIMER: All photos taken by me, unless stated, then credit is given to original owner.


Info on the Author:

Ara Ortiz

San Diego State Journalism Alum